Who we are

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Azura News is a journal which started its publication through the combination of experienced magazine sector people and experts who provide professional consultancy services for a long time in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.


Azura is a %100 Turkish capital formation which is supported by the official institutions in GCC that consists of the memberships of Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia; and Turkish official institutions in these countries.


Considering Gulf Cooperation Countries and the Republic of Turkey as the center of the target market, Azura established its Head Office in the State of Qatar where is attracting attention with its the richest economy, and is the dynamic one within these countries.


Our Purpose


Azura News is directly delivered to the target mass by hand and free of charge. The purpose is to provide advertisers reaching the target mass directly and benefiting %100 from this activity.

The main publication purpose of Azura News are bringing Turkish companies, investors and GCC companies, investors together at a legal and professional platform; and supporting commercial cooperation and cultural interaction. Doing this differently from the rivals, Azura aims both  maximizing the return and benefit of the advertisement facility of advertisers and informing GCC Region companies and investors about the qualified products, services, and other values of Turkish market.


Therefore, Azura has chosen GCC the richest and highest investment fund containing region; and the Republic of Turkey with its variety of European standard products and qualified services as the field of activity.


Azura News’ most significant difference and superiority from its rivals is being presented free of charge. Azura will be delivered by hand to the target people and institutions of advertisers.


Azura, whereby differently from its rivals, while eliminating negative situations such as the journal to be staying on the shelf and reaching to the readers out of the target mass, prepares the most beneficial proper ground to the advertisers by reaching their target customers directly.


Why Azura?


Azura directly meets its advertiser customers and readers to the target mass and new markets within the framework of the mission undertaken.


Prepares the proper ground including most accurate answers and demands for the firms related with cooperation, investor partner and capital investigation. Recommends the most appropriate addresses for the individuals and institutions’ product, service, health, tourism, etc. intellectual demands; and directly contributes the mutual cooperation to be realized by supporting information when needed.


In addition, Azura gives the contact information of the individuals and establishments, the journal delivered to the advertiser customers. Informs the advertisers and readers about return of these readers and institutions. Thus, contributes the advertiser customers in measuring the benefits of introduction and advertising activities; and helps meeting the target mass, formulating appropriate strategies based on the data obtained from the related markets.


Azura News operates in close communication with the customers about the advertisement activities from the beginning to the end. In addition to the advertisement service, provides free of charge consultancy service to the customers by professional, expert consultants. Thus, Azura customers buy not only advertisement service but also consultancy service with the same fee.


Why GCC why Turkey?

GCC region is considered as the world’s trade oasis because of the wealth created by natural gas and oil reserves. As confirmed by international authorities and official institutions, about three and half trillion U.S Dollars fund is known to be accumulated for investment and consumption with in the region for the moment; and this amount continues to rise steadily every year.


On the other hand, except from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait where industry and agriculture have partly developed, all the GCC countries import almost all the products and services apart from oil, natural gas and petrochemical industries.


Also, it is known that rich GCC Region Countries generate grate demands on subjects such as holiday and health tourism, private education services (public schools – universities), overseas real estate purchases, construction sector, decoration, textile, jewelry, and other luxury goods.

On the other hand, The Republic of Turkey has the capacity and ability of producing commercial values demands such as product, service, education, tourism, health, real estate, etc. That’s why, Turkey market presents the most appropriate option with European and World standards for GCC Region individuals and establishments


Moreover, the companies’, composing Turkey market, being open to investment, development and cooperation with their know-how capacity diversifies the GCC Countries investors’ serious and real investment opportunities. 


In addition to the points stated above, successful economy, qualified and competitive workforce, liberal investment environment open to innovation, population, large domestic market, developed structure, linking Europe and Asia, Europe’s energy corridor and terminal, trading with European Union within the customs union agreement,  cultural similarity, common cultural values, pleasures, safe and attractive real estate investment environment, accepted quality of education throughout the world, are the other positive factors which will provide GCC Region countries in relation with the Republic of Turkey. 


Distribution Strategy  and Target Mass


Azura News has adopted providing appropriate atmosphere to the economic and cultural dynamics to work properly; and parties to benefit from this atmosphere at a maximum level as the main target.

The main purpose is to gather commercial components such as providers, inquirer, brokers, supporters, auditor at an optimum point. And while doing this provides proactive public relations of cultural exchange.

Therefore, Azura News will follow a flexible strategy on distribution politics about the journal’s content and diversity of the advertisements in order to maximize the benefit the advertisers expect.

Azura News’ principle is to ensure maximum efficiency and return to the customers and readers who have expectations arisen from their presence.

Within the framework of this principle, Azura News, additionally, will provide introduction, advertisement, brand positioning, and marketing PR services such as demands of additional printing from the customers and determining delivery addresses.

Also Azura News will allow the journal to be downloaded as a softcopy in order customer to reach more readers and target mass.